• A Great Source: Always directly bought from beekeepers.
  • Test, test, test: By the time it is on your table, we have checked it 5 times.
  • Devotion: We do everything to maintain our quality.
  • Raw: Heated only to the warmth of a sunny summer day.


Since our apiary is no longer able to serve the increased demand for our products, we turned to other European beekeepers. We always work with them directly, never through distributors to ensure the good source.


Our honey is tested five times by the time it gets form the hive to the costumers’: We start with knowing our beekeeper partners’ apiaries and before buying their honey, we take samples to test them. After it arrived to us, we test each drum again and mix the honeys together, which is later analyzed by our lab colleagues. Finally, we test the final products to make sure that no damage was caused during packaging.


We are committed to work with only the best and most modern technologies to maintain our quality and to protect our honey’s natural values. It is our passion to offer it as a pure, true source of nutrients.


Honey is at its best in its original form in the beehive and people cannot make it better but only worse, for example by heating. This is why we handle it only on the warmth of a sunny summer day, just as nature intended.

Fulmer Apiary
H-2336 Dunavarsány, Vörösmarty Str. 2438